Innovate UK and Horizon 2020 Competition Support

Innovate UK is providing grants for innovation and technology development.

We have assessed many hundreds of R&D projects. We use our experience to help companies write winning applications.

How we work
Innovate UK competitions are extremely competitive. The text and supporting appendices have to be crystal clear and extremely compelling. They have to convince assessors with differing levels of experience and knowledge in the area of the application. When we write these documents we try to identify and address every possible source of confusion or objection. This is a time consuming process, especially as one is always up against character limits and page limitations.

We cannot guarantee success but in a recent competition our application received 49 points out of 50.

Our proposition
If the proposition is eligible for Innovate UK funding, and in our opinion has a reasonable chance of being successful in the competition, Technologia will lead the creation of the application document and supporting appendices. We normally require an up front payment, a payment on submission and a further fee payable if the application is successful.

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