Technologia was originally a division set up in 1989 within a Cambridge-based consultancy then known as Scientific Generics. The division operated until 2008, and projected the technical, commercial and analytical skills of the whole company into public sector bodies such as central government, regional development agencies, universities and regulators. It contributed between one quarter and one fifth of the company’s revenues over this period.

In January 2008 the company decided to refocus on private sector product development projects. The public sector division was formed into a new majority-owned subsidiary with an arrangement to transfer the ownership over time to its founders under a management buyout (MBO) arrangement. It gained its independence from its parent group at the end of 2010, adopted the name Technologia in June 2010, and is now wholly owned by its directors.

Technologia is free to work for both private and public sector clients. All three directors have backgrounds across both sectors.

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